Our vision and values

To save 200,000,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually over the next decade.

Our Vision

We believe in being passionately curious in everything we do and that everyone is a key player. At iHandal, we value authenticity and integrity, where respect and good stewardship is integral for our team to continually develop in an ever-changing world. Our vision and values are the heart of iHandal and is what drives us to consistently Develop Innovative Solutions so that we can Create a Better Environment For Future Generations.



Our Values


Be there
We are dependable to our clients and supportive of our team members
Be open and honest
We are authentic towards one another and value trust and respect
Be humble
We don’t claim to know it all, but we are committed to figuring it out together
Be the best
We pursue excellence in all that we do and make a lifelong commitment toward continuous learning and self-improvement. 10% of our annual profit post taxation is devoted to investing in our team’s skills development and community outreach programmes
Be responsible
We understand our decisions and actions impact our organisation, our customers and our environment. We walk the talk in ensuring the simple day-to-day things we do align with our values and vision
Be passionate
We love what we do