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iHandal Energy Solutions is a Turnkey Engineering and Contracting Firm, Specializing in Improving the Energy Efficiency of Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Who we are

iHandal was founded to assist individuals and organisations to leverage on their energy resources through innovative, economical and sustainable engineering solutions.

We are a Turnkey Provider of Sustainable Engineering Solutions and provide a single point of accountability through the entire project process using our Heatfuse™ Technology. iHandal offers customised Mechanical and Electrical solutions that help our clients maximise their energy and operational savings in areas such as water heating, process cooling, air conditioning and waste heat to power applications.

Our Vision and Values

Our core values and commitment towards our Team and Clients guide our daily practice and culture.

Our Team

A team of dynamic creators who enjoy the challenge of an unsolvable problem!

What we do

Tailored Design, Build and Maintenance Services

We partner with Clients to tackle their biggest energy challenges and help them capture their greatest opportunities. We pride ourselves on our combined experience and technological capability to create unique energy saving solutions across industries – Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential and Industrial.

Through our solutions, we Capture wasted heat from buildings. We then Compress this heat with iHandal’s Heatfuse ™ Technology and Channel the recycled energy towards heating and/ or cooling the building.


We recognise that at the heart of strategic, organizational, economic, intellectual, societal and global potential is human potential – and unlocking it is what moves the world forward. Join us as we seek to grow as leaders who are passionate to spark positive change and excel in delivering impactful and sustainable solutions.


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